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How much water
do you use?

A few facts

to help you calculate

your water usage.

  • 1000 L   Watering hose (1 hour)
  •   225 L   Laundry
    (traditional washing machine)
  •  150 L   Bath / Shower (7 minutes)
  •    40 L   Dishwasher (per activation)
  •    33 L   Leak of 1 drop/second (daily)
  • 10-30 L   Food preparation (daily)
  •    20 L   Toilet flush (per activation)
  •    10 L  Brush teeth /wash hands withopen faucet (each)
  •      4 L   Food waste disposer (per activation)
for a change of scenery

You plan to purchase revenue property or “plex”, alone or in partnership with a relative, to accommodate one or more family members? Be forewarned:
the Régie du logement du Québec imposes several conditions for the

repossession of a dwelling.

H20 S.O.S.

Source of life, artistic and cultural inspiration, recreational activities and energy, some say that water will become the oil of the 21st century for which there will be major national and international stakes. How much do you know about this veritable vital resource?


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